Target Audience

Find the right audience based on their interest, location, region, spending habits or just a within a walking distance from your business.

More Customers

Reach the right customers and build loyalty by showing you have the same interest using organisers existing channels such as influencers, email lists, flyers as well as materials for the event.

Better Insights

Get insights into how effective your campaign is, tips on where to improve and know who is interested in your business anywhere in the world or locally.

About Vivus

Vivus aims to break the barrier between organisers, brands and attendees by providing its users a central location where they can seamlessly manage events, find sponsors or sponsor events with a good way to track their metrics and a chance for attendees to interact before, during and after an event with a platform that models after a true social network. - Seun Oboite

What Makes Vivus Tick.

Here's to the world worst kept secret, what makes us tick.

Mobile optimised

Allow your attendees buy tickets from their phone, tablet and desktop.


Upload and send custom emails to your attendees using a custom like gmail or with a single click.


Reps share news about your event to friends and colleagues for some commission.

Sponsor Ad

Seamlessly advertise your sponsor on your tickets, social links and event page.

Sponsor insight

Sponsors get insight such impressions, ROI, clicks and the likes on your ad campaign.

Social feed

Engage, mention and message your attendees via our integrated network and custom #.

Easy transfer

Automatic transfer to the account details of your choice within 5 - 7 days.

Sell on your site

Track, Sell tickets and display image gallery on your site using our APIs.

Easy checkout

Check out attendees seamlessly using the latest checkout system.

Unlimited gallery

Display and Upload unlimited image gallery to current and past event.


Announce your event to your members, current attendees and previous attendees.


Live chat with attendees and sponsorship via our integrated messenger.

One More Reason.

Products to help you create and share moments.

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