10 Emerging Event Trends For 2023 

4 min read Last updated: 24th December 2022

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The events industry is forever evolving; hence it is essential to keep up with the new trends and changes to help organise the perfect and most suitable event for your audience. The coronavirus pandemic effectively collapsed the industry overnight; fortunately, it wasn’t that bad for those who were quick to adapt and introduce new changes to their events. As the events industry works to return to life before covid, there are some specific event trends and ideas that will be critical in 2022. Read on to discover our top 10 event industry trends we predict for 2022.  

1. A Rise of Micro Events 

top event trends: micro events

Micro events are your standard typical events but with fewer attendees. The benefit of hosting such an event is that it allows events to be more meaningful and impactful. It will enable those attending the events to network better and connect with those in the room on a more 1-1 basis. Smaller events will also ensure that the event organiser can maintain covid guidelines to ensure all attendees’ safety. Micro events also tend to be much more cost-efficient and easier to organise as you cater to a smaller audience. This is most certainly an event trend that will continue to grow even more popular.

2. QR Codes To Access Information/Content

top event trends: qr code

QR codes are another event trend that many businesses use by the day. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone, so accessing information, paying, and check-in in by simply scanning a QR code is a genius option. Even Vivus Create uses QR technology, so event organisers using the Vivus Create app can scan attendees’ QR code tickets to check them in to events. It is a contactless and hassle-free tool that lets people participate and carry out specific actions without much trouble.  

3. Hybrid Events

top event trends: hybrid events

The perfect mix of in-person and virtual events, hybrid events are one event trend that is here to stay and will still be extremely popular in the future. According to Markletic, the research disclosed that 86% of B2B organisations see a positive ROI of their hybrid events seven months after the event date. The reason is that hybrid events often turn out to be more effective as they cost less, tend to have a higher attendee rate, and allow individuals to network better. To read further about this popular event trend and its benefits, check out our blog, The Truth About Hybrid Events.  

4. One Step More Closer To Sustainability

top event trends: sustainable events

Moving into 2022, sustainability is one trend that will play a huge part in when events are being organised. Consumers are now becoming more politically and socially conscious in terms of their purchases and the brands they support. This puts pressure on organisations and businesses to ensure they play their part and incorporate sustainability into their business. It is vital that businesses adopt an eco-friendly approach when they are organising their events. This involves planning ways they reduce their carbon footprint through their chosen venue, food, materials needed for their events etc. 

5. A Greater Emphasis On Safety

Despite the ease of restrictions and life trying to get back to normal, personal hygiene and specific safety measures are now expected not just in events but everywhere. People using venues will expect that hosts are placing particular safety measures to ensure that they cater to the well-being and safety of their attendees for the events they are attending. As people are so used to sanitising, social distancing and masks, some restrictions and safety measures planned for the event will allow the attendees to feel safe.

6. Digital Experiences

As technology evolves, new and new ways to enhance in-person events will involve lots of new technological advances. Examples of these digital experiences could include Al assistants (virtual assistants), facial recognition and the use of the Metaverse. The future of the events industry will undoubtedly involve a lot of technology and digital components. Incorporating elements of this trend from the beginning will help set your event apart from the rest.

7. The Impact Of Metaverse On Events

The metaverse is a trend that we will be seeing beginning to be introduced this coming year. It will have a huge impact on the Event industry, changing the game. The metaverse will give event organisers a huge chance to create something out of the ordinary and something wild. It gives them endless creative opportunities. It’s an opportunity for virtual events and zoom calls to become more fascinating and engaging. It will give attendees the chance to feel as if they are actually attending the event and connecting with everybody there through 3-D digital spaces.

8. Data Collection 

Gathering data from events will allow event organisers to analyse this data to ensure that they understand what is working and what needs to be changed. Before the event customers could be encouraged to complete surveys to understand the attendees’ needs and wants, in order to ensure that you are able to cater to the best majority of their needs. Likewise, a survey could be carried out after the event to gain valuable feedback. There are lots of online software that will also allow you to collect data efficiently to ensure that you are understanding for instance who is attending your event, the insights of your marketing campaigns, how many people are bought tickets to your event etc. If you’re looking for great event management software why not try, Vivus Create. It allows event organisers to manage events, sell tickets, gain key insights about attendees, and sponsorship capability and it also lets event organisers manage social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, email and user devices.

9. Increase In Data Protection And GDPR Compliance 

Following on from data collection even though collecting data is very important the way your store and use it is essential. You have to be careful and you have to ensure that attendees and users understand that you will be using that data and how and for what you will be using it. Not just that but you need to ensure that you have security and a good system/software put in place to ensure that this data is kept secure and safe. This is to avoid data breaches.

10. Personalised Events 

The next trend is event personalisation. This is an important trend because we now live in a time where people expect that things are designed for them and their needs. But this is the way it should be you need to make sure that you are creating an individual experience and catering to the needs of your target audience and making sure that everything is designed keeping them in mind.  Understand your target audiences’ preferences, likes, needs, and wants and then from then onwards ensure that all of this is implemented within every aspect of the event. For example, personalised marketing, checking systems, catering, invitations etc. The more you ensure that everything is designed for your target audience the more likely event will be successful as you will be attending to all their needs and catering to their preferences.

What event trends are you predicting for 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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