8 Must-Read Event Industry Blogs 

2 min read Last updated: 9th December 2022

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The events industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and trends welcomed every day. The best way to stay in the loop and be one of the first to integrate the latest trends is to continuously educate yourself and stay alert. There are hundreds of blogs that you can read to learn more about all things events and everything you need to know to plan a successful event. I have read countless blogs all about events across many, many different event blog platforms; here are my 10 favourite blogs in the events industry. Keep on reading to discover all about them and why we believe you need to check them out! 

1. Vivus Hub Blog

Not to toot our own horn but our blog is pretty cool. We upload regular, weekly content about the events industry, amazing places you need to visit, tips to run a successful event and lots more. Our blog is super easy to navigate and we promise you great weekly content, so what are you waiting for get reading now. 

Vivus Hub is a family of apps designed to help manage events, sponsors and share experiences. We also have blog posts all about the vivus app, how to use our app and all our amazing in-app features you can discover and use.

2. Eventbrite Blog

The Eventbrite blog is truly one of my personal favourites, they post lots of regular exciting and informative blogs. Eventbrite is an American online event ticketing and management platform. Their blogs disclose all the latest trends, tips from industry-leading experts and everything you need to know about events from behind the scenes to marketing and promoting your events and so much more. 

3. Social Tables Blogs

Another of my favourites is the social tables blog. Founded by Dan Berger in 2011, the app is excellent perfect for event planning. The blog is filled with lots of amazing event tips, techniques, and strategies to help you plan a successful event. 

4. Event Industry News

Event Industry News is an online magazine that delivers regular articles and blogs on the latest news, trends and information within the UK events industry. They have tons and tons of things for you to read, and listen to including super interesting podcasts. They even have a guides section that allows you to discover everything you need to buy for different events so you know what to buy, which suppliers to choose and all about them. 

5. Bizzaboo Blog

The Bizzaboo blog has lots of blogs discovering topics all about event experiences, marketing, event orchestration and lots more. The Bizzaboo blog has a wide range of exciting event topics where you can keep yourself informed and up to date with everything happening in the industry.

6. Endless Events Blog

Another one of my personal favourites is the Endless Events blog. There’s something for every event planner and an answer for all of your event planning queries. They have a blog for everything including events management, event planning, event production and event technology. Wordless events is a nationwide events management company based and founded in the US by Will Curran. 

7. CVENT Blog

The Cvent blog is filled with tips, trends, and best practices for the meetings and events industry. The blog posts are filled with lots of valuable information and great tips perfect making it the perfect read for all event organisers. Cvent is a SAAS company based in the US that specialises in meetings, events, and hospitality management technology. 

8. Event Marketer Blog

Event Marketer is an online magazine, founded in 2002. They provide regular content for the event marketing and trade show industry. They produce and upload lots and lots of excellent articles and blog posts featuring topics like sponsorship activation, mobile marketing, retail experiences, buzz marketing, press events, trade show and lots more. 

What are your favourite event blogs, leave a comment for us in the comments section we would love to know!

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