Great Event Marketing Examples

2 min read Last updated: 10th January 2024


Promoting an event takes a bit of creativity and sometimes luck but hosting a successful event requires striking a balance between both. It is common for event organisers to hit a roadblock when coming up with new ideas to promote their event, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we provide some excellent event marketing ideas you can implement in your next event. 

Before diving into the core details, we need to know what event marketing is and why it is important to event organisers. Event marketing is creating and coordinating activities to promote an event for attendees to buy tickets or what other objectives an event organiser sets. On to the next item, why is event marketing important? Event marketing is an excellent way to increase sales, get sponsors for your event and improve your brand recognition.

Pop-up shops

Pop-up largely involves using a quick point of contact to widen an event organiser’s sales funnel and sell more tickets. This can be used to create broader brand awareness by presenting the event to those who might ignore other forms of advertisement such as online promotion and flyers. It’s on our event marketing example list because we believe it’s an excellent tool to start conversations with potential leads, test new concepts, delight customers and show your creative side. Examples of event organisers who have used this event marketing example include Parklife.


Workshops are a type of event that focuses on either discussing a specific topic, providing insights or mastering a new skill. This event marketing example, using hands-on technique, is an excellent way to learn topics, engage your audience and have them walk away knowing they’ve learnt something new. To get started with hosting a successful workshop, it is important for the event organiser to choose the best format for their attendees, offer a hands-on learning experience, follow a balanced approach of activities and breaks, leverage event sponsorships using Quest Creator, try tech-driven workshop activities and use an effective event management software to manage your audience from start to finish.

asana - event marketing example

An excellent example of this event marketing example is Asana’s boot camp. This event consists of interactive events that help the users get the most out of their software. The workshop has a clear USP i.e., to improve the user experience and work efficiency.

Networking events & mixers 

Another event marketing example you can use to promote your event is organising mini networking events & mixers towards your main event. Networking events are events organised for people to gather, engage with one another, build meaningful connections, acquire contacts, and socialise while enjoying food and drinks. You can organise small events like this to build momentum towards your main event.

Quick tips for when hosting networking events, like most events on this list, it is important to leverage sponsorship. In this case, sponsorship may come in the form of shared interests such as tech talks with promising companies providing venues, and pieces of equipment or offering to be speakers at your event at no cost.

An example of a company who have leveraged this event marketing example is Lean’s startup. Here, they offered inspiring networking events, like an evening at Mob Museum to promote high-quality guest interaction. They also offered a publicly available guest list to reassure attendees that they would find like-minded individuals when they arrive.

Street Dancers

Street dancers’ event marketing example falls under guerrilla marketing. This is a marketing tactic in which an event organiser uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions to promote their event. It usually relies on personal interactions, small budget and focuses on smaller groups of promoters responsible for getting the word out.