10 Amazing Event Themes For Your Next Event

2 min read Last updated: 28th December 2022

Event themes can be a great way to drum up interest and excitement about your next event. It can also work well to tie together your event in a seamless way. For example, your prior marketing can all be related to your chosen theme. This can also be a great way to get amazing photos from the event. This works well to get your attendees talking about the event before they may begin to talk about outfits, and this can help build up anticipation. We have put together a short guide that may help inspire some themes that fit the event you have in mind.

Event Themes

The Great Gatsby

This is a very popular event theme that would suit more lavish events such as galas and balls. This theme is very classic and makes for stunning pictures. This can also be easily achieved on a lower budget with some clever props and a black and gold theme.

The Great Gatsby event theme


Neon has been popular throughout the ages at clubs and concerts and if you are thinking of planning a similar event you can draw some inspiration from this. Neon signs can be a great investment, and a neon dress theme is easy to follow. You could also hand out glow sticks or something similar to guests.

neon event theme

Black and White

This is a traditional classy event theme and is pretty failsafe as most attendees will own black suits and dresses. It also makes décor easy and always looks good. Perhaps you could through in a splash of another colour such as black and gold or black and red. You can even choose your brand colour as part of the palette.

black and white event theme


Carnival as an event theme and encompass big bright colours, performers, funfair rides, food stalls, games and so many more fun snacks. You can use a retro theme in your marketing and event tickets and perhaps even hire a tent.

Carnival event theme

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a much-loved series and why not turn this into an event theme? Harry Potter can inspire so many elements to an event such as Quidditch or potion-style drinks. Challenge yourself and see if you can recreate the floating candle lights from the Hogwarts Great Hall.

Harry Potter event theme

Moulin Rouge

The movie and the original have some stunning aesthetics which can inspire some amazing events. The focus of the event can be on dancing and entertainment. The theme is full of vibrant reds, golds and lights and can make for a beautiful theme.

Moulin Rouge event theme


This mystical event theme can involve bright blues and colourful tropical fish. You can use shells as centrepieces, and these can be quite budget-friendly. The dress code can also be inspired by the colour palette of under the sea

Atlantis event themes


This is a great theme to build up anticipation and talk before your event. This theme can inspire guests to dress up as celebrities from Kanye West to Bob Ross. This will be a great talking point among attendees on the day of the event as they try and guess who everyone is dressed up as. This gives guests a chance to unleash their own creativity.

Celebrities event theme


This is another classic event theme and a bit of mystery can make any event more alluring. Masquerade also balances formal attire and costume, and you can keep these events quite corporate if you need to. The decoration can be mask inspired to help level up your event.

Masquerade event theme

James Bond

This is another great black-tie event linked to the series loved by all. The James Bond theme can create a lot of excitement and can be quite easy to achieve. You can incorporate this theme through simple motifs or themed centrepieces or James Bond signs. Don’t forget the all-important martini, shaken not stirred!

James Bond event theme

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