Get Started With Quest Creator.

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Vivus Create gives you more tools to manage your event, find sponsors and earn more money. We cover the essentials so you can maximise your return and focus on your event, this blog post aims to guide you on how to get started with Vivus Create.


The navigation system is designed to cut to the chase and provide you easy access to the most used tools e.g event creation and analytics.

Get Started With Vivus Create

Add Events

To create an event, simply click the ‘create event’ button in the navigation tab.

Get Started With Vivus Create Events

We understand events are not finalised during the thought process stage. Hence, we’ve minimised the steps in creating an event. To create your first draft simply enter the name and organiser, you can always edit it later.

Event type: This allows our users to browse their interests and makes your event more discoverable to the right audience. To change your event type simply select the option that best describes your event from the drop-down menu.

Creating a free and paid ticket type requires the same process. Click on the input field to access the ticket modal to enter the ticket name, description, price, quantity, when and how long they should go on sale. 

NB: Once created tickets can only be edited on the analytics page.
Get Started With Vivus Create Events

The location and country allow us to suggest various events to our users, request rides and carry out localised event promotions so a good description would be beneficial.

Tags and Description is your best marketing tool when sharing your event on the internet. We use the tags for the subheading and a shortened description as the description tag on other social network’s meta tags (e.g Facebook, Twitter and Vivus).

Get Started With Vivus Create Events


To get a better understanding of your progress, ticket sales, where your audience is coming from and many more. The analytics page is the right person for the job.

Get Started With Vivus Create Analytics

The top section shows your ticket sales each month for the year and 6 sources of sales.

The bottom section gives you more insight into each event, campaign messages and sponsorship campaign, showing you gross ticket sales, revenue and views.

Insight: To get more insights on, edit or delete individual tickets, click on the number of tickets sold for the event. Editing an event is as simple as clicking on the edit button.

Requesting sponsorship: By default, your event is treated as a standard event that does not require a sponsorship package. To make your event accessible to sponsors click on the search icon. NB: Requests are normally processed within 2-3 days.

More tools: Click on the more / insight button to access more tools such as importing your email list, exporting ticket buyer’s info, uploading videos or galleries and managing your members.

Switch campaigns: To switch between event campaigns, campaign messages and sponsorship campaigns, click on the action button at the bottom of the title.

Members And Promoters

We understand you may not want to do this alone. To add affiliates or promoters to your event, from the analytics page click the more button on the event you wish to promote then “add affiliate button”. A modal containing fields to put in the affiliate username, payment and how earnings per ticket sold.

Don’t worry we do the tracking. Come back here to monitor affiliate progress and your top promoters.

NB: Promoters track share links can be gotten from the event page by double-clicking the ‘copy URL to clipboard’.

Email List

You can import your email list and export ticket buyers.

To import an email list: simply upload a .csv file containing your members’ emails and click submit. To comply with our data policy, your subscribers would need a valid Vivus account to be on your email list.

Manually add members: Members can be added manually by clicking the “add members” button. A modal window should appear showing you several input fields such as the members’ username and email. Once entered click the add button.


To accept payment simply navigate to your profile page -> settings and fill connect your account to our stripe payment option.

Other information can be provided to aid a secure transaction e.g phone, company’s name, representative and many more. Note, payments are normally made 3-5 days after receiving payments (and in some cases after the event).

Running into problems? Give us a shout on our site Vivus or on Twitter @VivusHub.

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