How Technology is Revolutionizing Event Management

3 min read Last updated: 10th April 2022

We’ve come a long, long way when it comes to event management. 

Gone are the days when you would have to go door-to-door to sell tickets or rely on word of mouth to pass on an invite. Now you can just take advantage of buying tickets online and setting up a page to promote your event on Facebook. 

Getting a sponsor has never been easier too. Instead of mingling at social mixers, attending conferences and B2B events, you can now seek sponsorship from a brand that matches your demographics with just a single click. 

[bctt tweet=”Whether you’re all caught up on the new ways or you’re still stuck with the old, one thing’s for sure: the advancement of technology and the rise of social media have changed the face of event management. “]

Let’s take a look at how event management solutions have changed the game. 

1. Purchasing tickets from any device 

Your attendees no longer have to endure long lines and head to a physical store just to buy tickets for your event. With an effective event booking software that offers mobile optimization, they can conveniently head to your site and purchase tickets from their computers, phones, and tablets. 

Over 4 billion people in the world are connected to the internet and nearly all surf the web with their mobile devices. A survey by Nielsen shows that event tickets accounted for 45% of online purchasing by global consumers. 

Shoppers are grasping the widespread digital opportunity available at the tip of their fingers. Statista predicted that in 2020, there will be 2.05 billion digital buyers worldwide. In 2021, the numbers are expected to skyrocket to 2.14 billion digital buyers. The same survey says that by 2021, e-commerce sales will account for 17.5% of global retail sales, indicating a strong shift towards online marketing efforts. 

2. Promoting your event

You’re probably wondering how to promote your event effectively. Getting an online event management system allows you to do that by sending emails to your members and previous attendees about your upcoming event. You can also discover your target audience and acquire a personal advertising space for them to see what you have in store.                     

3. Keeping in touch 

Remarkable event organizations harness the power of social media to connect, engage, mention and message attendees across an integrated network. The Brighton School of Business and Management recommends event organizers to go online and up their social media presence by creating a custom hashtag and encouraging attendees to tag the event in relevant posts. 

Using social media in an event adds value to an attendee’s experience. A study from Sparks found that 89% of event attendees said that using social media is valuable for them when going to an event, with people-centred content garnering the most social activities. 

Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end once they’ve checked out and registered for your event. Remember that you’re not just completing a transaction. You’re also building a relationship and reeling them into attending future events. 

4. Clinching sponsors with a click 

You’re not alone when you say you’re having trouble with getting event sponsorships. 

Looking for event sponsors can be a challenge, but when you’re equipped with an online event management system, you can easily match and connect with sponsors. Once the deal is closed, you can smoothly run your sponsor’s ad on your tickets, social links and event page. 

Talk about killing it without breaking a sweat. 

Reporting events

Besides ticketing and promotion, good event management software can also help you track insights such as impressions, clicks, likes, and ROI for the sponsored event. You can also bring up data on previous events and analyze their page views, ticket sales and demographics. Additionally, you can keep your sponsors happy by being transparent and sharing the results of their ad campaign. 

Getting an event management software: keeping up with the times

As technology ushers in a new era for event management, we can count on the functionality of event management software to cut time-consuming processes, increase revenue and provide efficient data collation. Although old school methods still exist and are still worth the effort, we’d be lying if we didn’t say you’d get left behind if you’re not onboard the technology train. 

Getting an online event management system is the first step in joining the digital revolution. If you don’t have one yet, do thorough research and find out which one works for you by checking out what software do event planners use. Read up on event management software reviews and discover what features have benefitted event organizations on their shindigs. You can check out more advantages of event management software by looking up event app benefits.  Whatever software you pick, just be sure to choose an events platform that shapes your event. That way, you can guarantee that on your next run, you’ll still hold on to the support of the same people from your own team to your sponsors to your attendees.

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