How To Promote Your Event

1 min read Last updated: 10th April 2022

Promote Event

You have a great idea for an event, you’ve created the event online, all that is left is for attendees to show their interest. A few days go by and you’ve sold just 1 ticket (your friend who is probably too busy that day got that), panic sets in and now you don’t know if you would like to continue with the event.

Hold-on on cancelling the event, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to improve your sales and yes we did consider people low on budget and time. If you see an increase in sales using any of these tips when promoting your event, do give us a shout on Twitter and Facebook.


Hosted an event before? You probably got their email when they got tickets. Why don’t you send them information about your upcoming event? include a featured email, links to the pre-order ticket page, a few share buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c and a reward if they got tickets within a few days. You might want to try out MailChimp to send out emails as they offer the ability to send out emails to up to 2000 contacts at no cost but there are a few alternatives once you reach the free cap. Psst, you can also so send tickets on Vivus Create at no cost.

Social media

Constantly (avoid being spammy) share information about your event on your social media channel e.g rehearsal videos, what your team is up to, why they should come to your event and free giveaways. Have a look at Hootsuite to manage posts, scheduling and analytics.

Paid Promotion

You might be asking yourself why would you need to promote (if you have more than a thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook). Well with the relatively low cost of advertising and large clutter of content fighting for your customer’s attention, organic reach is not as effective as it was once. If you want your content to reach the right audience at a scale to help increase ticket sales you might want to consider paid promotion such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn advertising.  

Listed Site

Create and post your events on multiple event platforms and groups to get maximum exposure. These sites generally have a substantial amount of traffic and you can never go wrong with free promotion. A few examples of sites to post your event Vivus Create, Skiddle, Eventbrite and many more. 

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