5 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Drive Record Engagement

2 min read Last updated: 9th December 2022

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Instagram marketing is vital to any event marketing strategy. With over 1 billion users, potential event attendees are endless. Instagram has plenty of possibilities for you, but the key is to understand how to establish a strategy that will help you unlock the potential of Instagram. Instagram is more complex than posting here and there but takes careful planning, skill, and creativity. Hopefully, this curated list of ideas will give you the inspiration to make the most of your Instagram marketing strategy.

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1) Utilise Instagram Stories in your marketing strategy

Instagram Stories are engaged by a huge majority of Instagram users every day. Event promoters can take advantage of this, and you could incorporate it into your marketing strategy. There are many ways to use Instagram stories such as recapping each day of your event or using the ‘swipe up’ feature to encourage attendees to register. You can promote new content and use video and photo features in your Instagram marketing.

2) Incorporate Hashtags into your Instagram Marketing strategy

Hashtags are a great way to widen your reach on Instagram. This is because users search by hashtag to find content that interests them. So, the best way to find people that care about your business is by using related hashtags. There are many hashtags that you can use, for example, branded hashtags related specifically to your business. You can also use industry-related hashtags that are used across the board by similar event promoters or client types.  You can also use niche hashtags and content hashtags which are related directly to the post.

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3) Show the behind the scenes

Instagram users are looking for authentic content. It tends to be that overly polished content doesn’t perform too well and users want to see content that they resonate with. One way you can go behind the scenes is by showing the faces behind your production team. You can host interviews with employees or ‘day in the life of X’. You can document the process of the build-up to your event. This will undoubtedly bolster your Instagram marketing.

4) Collaborate with influencers

Instagram influencers are all over the platform in every niche and have loyal followers that relate to their content. You can collaborate with influencers in many different ways such as takeovers or paid promotional content or inviting them to events. This can be a great way to find followers who may find your business of interest and is definitely something you should definitely consider this in your Instagram marketing strategy. When looking for influencers make sure it’s someone your target audience is interested in and make sure they have a sizeable following which you can leverage.

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5) Target Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a great way for users to discover new businesses, and that’s a great tool for those with the Instagram marketing budget. The key to successful Instagram ads is not just stunning content, but also about targeting them correctly. You can target core audience which is the default option for ad targeting. You can use custom audiences which is a group of users that are imported from email lists and other data or lookalike audiences which is a group of users that share similar characteristics with your current audience or user base.

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Instagram is a great source of attendees for event organisers. We hope that these 5 tips give you a starting point. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your Instagram marketing.

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