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We are Now Called Vivus.

Happened a bit overnight but it’s official we are integrating all our products into one brand, Vivus. This transition is intended to help users...
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How Technology is Revolutionizing Event Management

We’ve come a long, long way when it comes to event management.  Gone are the days when you would have to go door-to-door to...
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Get started with Vivus

From the latest concert, shows, gigs and club night, if it’s popular you’ll find it here first. The latest introduction to the Vivus hub...
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Uber discontinues API

On the 6th of June 2019, Uber discontinued their API giving developers a week notice to find alternatives. A recurring theme in the mobile...
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Vivus Hub – Media Kit

About Vivus hub originally established in 2016 is a family of apps designed to help manage events, sponsors and share experiences. Since establishment, the...
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How To Promote Your Event

You have a great idea for an event, you’ve created the event online, all that is left is for attendees to show their interest....
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Facebook ads vs Adword vs Twitter vs Vivus Ads

If you are in the marketing sector or business development there’s a high chance you may have had conflicting thoughts on where to promote,...
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Looking For Event Sponsors? Here’s A Tip.

It seems rather obvious why organisers would want sponsorship for their event. For one to increase revenue, securing sponsorship can be the difference between making...
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Vivus Create: Not Your Conventional Events Platform.

We are not your conventional events platform and we’ll never try to be. Vivus was built with 2 things in mind, maximising event organisers...
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