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Vivus Create: Not Your Conventional Events Platform.

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Introducing Vivus

We are not your conventional events platform and we’ll never try to be. Vivus was built with 2 things in mind, maximising event organisers revenue and creating a socialiable experience. What does that mean for you?

Making It Easy

It’s a known fact that organisers who utilize sponsorship for their event tend to earn twice as much as their counterpart but nearly over 80% of events fail to utilize this channel. 

Why is that? Finding event sponsors has been daunting even with the rise of technology. Organisers find themselves sending out cold call emails, meeting in person or depending on their network to get sponsored and let’s face it sometimes our network can only take us so far.

But let’s just say you’ve put in the work, sent out 50 cold call emails, got 5 replies and 1 sponsor. You told your sponsors you are expecting X number of attendees, with age group between Y and interest Z. How do you know? Send out surveys that barely 20% would complete, meet each attendee in person or use an online system (there has to be one out there!).

Guess what? No platform exists to verify organisers stats and connects them to brands, well except Vivus. Vivus allows brands to find organisers based on their interest and utilise organisers existing channels (such as social media, email, flyers as well as materials for the event e.g ticket, event page, banners, badge holders, display computers and the likes) to spread awareness. This way brands have the opportunity to reach a larger audience, tap into the referral marketing at a reasonably low cost and increase brand awareness.

Ticketing and Sponsorship?

How does our events management software come into place? We help companies verify who you are, what you can offer (e.g views, sales, clicks, ROI) and your audience by monitoring your event and Like “knowledge”, the more use it the more valuable you are to us and the brands using adEvent. What are the tools we provide?

Events Management: Create events, sell tickets, monitor your past and current progress, check out attendees either on our platform or yours using our API’s. See how to get started with events.

Sponsorship: Make your event available to sponsors with just a single click and with a curated list of companies searching for their audience you would be getting requests in no time.

Promotion: To keep your attendees interested, you have the opportunity to send out emails to an email list or a segmented list of your previous attendees.

Analytics: Trying get a better understanding of your progress, ticket sales, where your audience is coming from and many more. Vivus is the right person for the job! Besides the usual dashboard to show sales, page views and audience. We went a step further to show organisers monthly sales and track each sale to give you an idea of where your audience is coming from. Is it Facebook? Twitter? or maybe your website, you can find out on Vivus.

Advertising: Brands can find events based on their intended audience e.g age, gender, interest and possible return on investment. They can also monitor monthly views, campaigns stats and get access to the snazzy little tracking we do to check if users are checking your website from an event. This would come in handy if sponsored event utilises flyers or posters to promote brands. Note It’s GDPR compliant. 

To learn more on how to get started with events, check out this blog post or if you would like to get started right away, check vivus out.

Think its a great idea? Have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

Vivus Hub Stay in the loop, live in the moment. A new way to create and share live experiences.

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