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Vivus Tackling Drink Spiking

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Vivus Tackling Drink Spiking

Almost 200 cases of drinking spiking incidents have been reported in the last 2 months with 1 in 10 people being a victim of such incidents. 

Here at Vivus, we put our customer’s safety first both online and offline. To tackle the rising cases we are implementing a 3 step approach across our platform to keep you safe. This approach, termed K.A.T: aims to keep you in the know, help avoid situations like this and when in one take the right action.


Inspired by the work done by The egalitarian. We’ve designed a portal for you to report, edit and view spike cases. The results can be filtered by region and incident. An additional tool is, with your permission, an incident report is sent to the venue provided. Don’t worry, the outreach is made anonymous.


Heat maps of reported cases submitted on our site and sourced from third parties within the last 14 days are shown on the app. This way, you can make well-informed decisions on how to stay safe if you are going to high-risk areas. To get started, on the app, swipe left on the explore tab. Regions with prominent cases are highlighted automatically. 

Take action

In the event you find yourself in such a situation, here’s what to do. Get to a safe place, call someone you trust and if urgent, call 999.

An additional tool is Vivus favourites, favourites are your close friends or emergency contacts on the Vivus app. Once safe, open the Vivus app, under “settings” click on emergency to notify your favourites. An email and push notification are sent to your favourites immediately to check up on you with your location sent via email. A reminder is sent 30 mins and 2 hours later.

Learn how to get started with favourites here.

Vivus Hub Stay in the loop, live in the moment. A new way to create and share live experiences.

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