7 Networking Event Ideas That Will Inspire You

2 min read Last updated: 13th July 2023

Networking events can be difficult to coordinate, and attendance is vital. Attendance can be maintained by creating unique and exciting events that will continually draw people in. Networking events can be a great opportunity to learn about a particular industry or profession and can help find potential clients or collaborators. Read on to be inspired and find out more about how to make your event a success.

Speed Networking

Speed Dating is probably something you are aware of, but you can bring the same concept to networking events. This format of networking can be particularly effective as you can meet a large range of people in a very short space of time. You can allow around 5 minutes for each interaction, giving people enough time to make introductions, share contact details and pitch ideas.

Networking Event

In the Office

Another networking event would be to invite people directly to your office and utilise the resources that you already have available to you. For guests, it allows them to gain an insight into what it is actually like work for your company. This can allow you to save on certain elements of your networking event and also allows you to promote the business. This can be a great format if hosting a networking event with interns or job seekers.

Networking Event

Happy Hour

Happy hour networking is a great way for professionals to come together in a more relaxed environment and get them talking. This type of event helps people to feel more comfortable and is particularly easy to organise. This is great if you are trying to take a more laid-back approach to your networking event.

Networking Event

Networking over Food

Who doesn’t love bonding over food? A networking event where the attendees connect over a meal can result in strong relations and better associations formed. This can take many forms, such as a networking breakfast, a sit-down dinner, a lunch and learn. This type of event works well as it gives people who are less outgoing a conversation starter. This breaks the confines of a typical business networking event.

Networking Event

Industry Conference

An Industry conference can be a great learning environment, where seasoned professionals can pass down their wisdom to newcomers and newcomers can share their bright, new, innovative ideas. You can use the opportunity of hosting this type of networking event to promote your business. You can host seminars or workshops that your audience will benefit from and also this will work to facilitate conversation.

Networking Event

Virtual Event

We have now entered the virtual era of events, largely owing to the dynamic shift that COVID bought about. This opens a whole host of new opportunities. You can have people attending across different time zones, in different countries and this is an exciting prospect as pre-COVID, this would not have been thought of to be possible. Virtual events allow for multiple break-out rooms, chats, and one on one sessions. This is a great solution for people who typically wouldn’t be able to attend these types of events and is more flexible with people’s personal schedules. You can keep these events interactive through game elements and Q&A for example.

Networking Event

Networking for Good

A charity event is a great way to build connections through teamwork, whilst also giving back to the community, it is a great way to network as it brings together like-minded people and also provides a more laid-back approach. It is a very special and memorable way to host a networking event and you can use this opportunity to support one of your business’ charities.

Networking Event

Networking events are a great way to connect with other professionals and build valuable relationships and promote your business. The key to choosing the right type of networking event is knowing your audience, and what environment is more conducive for them to make strong relationships. Hopefully, this list has set you up with some great ideas!

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