7 Networking Event Ideas That Will Inspire You

Networking events can be difficult to coordinate, and attendance is vital. Attendance can be maintained by creating unique and exciting events that will continually draw people in. Networking...
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5 Ways To Scale Up Your Event Strategy

When running a recurring successful event, you may discover that you want to scale up your event. This may be due to a need to increase revenue, public...
Seun Oboite
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Vivus Hub – Media Kit

About Vivus hub originally established in 2016 is a family of apps designed to help manage events, sponsors and share experiences. Since its establishment, the platform has spawned...
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Get Started With Vivus Create.

How-to Guide Web. Overview. Navigation. Add or Update Event. Analytics. Attendees and Promoters. Email List. Payments. How-to Guide iOS App. Overview. Event List. Check-in....
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