How do reselling tickets advantage you as an Event Organiser?

2 min read Last updated: 9th December 2022

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Reselling tickets can often get looked down upon but we think that you could actually use it your advantage. As event organisers, one of the main aims of hosting an event is to sell out. Sold out events serve as a testament to all your hard work in organising the event. It allows you to maximise revenue from ticket sales and further revenue from sales on the day of the event. Find out how reselling tickets can benefit you…

However, inevitably there will be no shows. Especially given the current climate, people may not be able to attend events for reasons such as testing positive or change in restrictions. This can negatively impact your revenues from the day and having empty seats isn’t the best look. It is a hassle worrying about what will happen to those tickets after they have already been bought. But luckily you can quite easily solve this issue through reselling tickets. This not only allows you as event organisers to maximise your attendance and profits but also allows eager attendees who are available on the day to get their hands on tickets if they previously weren’t able to.

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There are plenty of websites that facilitate this exchange, one of them being Vivus Hub. Vivus allows event organisers to put tickets up for sale on the platform. Resellers who can’t attend can start reselling tickers and buyers who are keen to attend the event are given another chance. See how it benefits everyone?

Flexibility with reselling tickets

One of the major benefits that reselling tickets offer is that it provides everyone with more flexibility. As an event organiser, say covid restrictions change, you can simply reschedule your event. The alternative would be to refund everyone and start a sale again, but this can become complicated. With the reselling tickets option, those who can’t make the new date work can sell or exchange tickets for another date. Also, if attendees’ plans change they can easily put the tickets up for resale. They will therefore feel more confident when purchasing the tickets in the first place.

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Maximise Revenue

Another benefit is that if you maximise your attendees, by eliminating no shows, you can maximise revenues. Depending on the structure of your event, you may be relying on sales of merchandise, sponsors, food etc. When people can’t show up to events you will be missing out on all those potential sales. These day-of revenues could be essential. It follows that allowing ticket reselling even through third parties will bolster your profits from an event. 

It is perhaps inevitable that tickets will be resold informally if attendees can’t make it to certain events. The best thing that you can do as an event organiser is to focus on reselling tickets on formal ticket marketplaces. This will not only save you the hassle at the door but also protect your attendees from potential fraud. Additionally, if attendees know that there is a simple, safe platform to exchange tickets, they are more likely to do so, and as event organisers, you will reap the benefits of this process.

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Is your event ready to go? Start selling tickets through Vivus now. Here’s how you can get started or find out more on how reselling tickets work on Vivus Hub.

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