The Truth About Hybrid Events.

2 min read Last updated: 9th December 2022


The pandemic changed our day-to-day lives; suddenly, everything changed to virtual. People began working from home; students switched to online lessons, and events were postponed, cancelled, or switched into virtual/hybrid events. Hybrid events became more and more common, and suddenly, these hybrid events became the new normal. Fortunately, as people engaged and participated more and more in these hybrid events, people realised the truth and reality; hybrid events are highly convenient and excellent.

What Are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are a perfect combination of both in-person and virtual events. A hybrid event is like a live event that includes an audience and content but with a digital component. The only difference is that there will be a technological barrier between the host and the audience. Both audiences can equally engage and interact in these events, allowing these hybrid events to be just as effective as in-person events.

Live vs Virtual vs Hybrid events: what is the difference between the 3?

The main obvious difference between live events and virtual/hybrid events is the ability to physically interact, meet and connect in person with all the attendees and hosts. Live events allow us to physically feel the product, the atmosphere giving us the total experience. However, virtual events have become increasingly popular as they have many advantages, such as accessibility, low costs, and convenience. They tend to have a huge capacity meaning organisers can host the event as one rather than hosting multiple separate small live events. When it comes to hybrid events, it is the perfect mix of both. This means the audience can choose if they want to physically or virtually attend. It allows participants to participate in the event from wherever they are, catering to both preferences: those who prefer live or virtual events. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hosting Hybrid Events?

Hosting and participating in hybrid events have many benefits.

1. Accessibility

One key benefit is that you can attend these hybrid events from anywhere, making these events super convenient and easy to access.

2. Cost-Effective

Hybrid events also tend to be relatively cost-effective. This is because everyone will be accessing these events via their mobile phones or laptops. Meaning events organisers will be saving costs on things like venue, refreshments etc.

3. Perfect For Introverts

When we attend in-person events, sometimes we may feel overwhelmed with the setting and the idea of physically meeting and interacting with many new people. Therefore hybrid events are great for individuals who have introverted personalities. As these Hybrid events allow us to connect with these people in smaller group settings rather than in an event with a large audience. 

4. Higher ROI

Another benefit is that there is a high chance that you are likely to retain a higher Return of Investment (ROI) in some cases if businesses choose to host hybrid events. Recent research has shown that 86% of B2B organisations see a positive ROI of their hybrid events seven months after the event date. 

5. Higher Attendance

As attendees from practically anywhere can access hybrid events, they tend to have higher attendance. We often hear that people cannot attend events for transport issues or other commitments. But the good thing about hybrid events is that all we need to participate in is a device, and that’s all. Hybrid events give people the chance to attend the events but at the same time multitask to fulfil any other commitments they may have.

The Future For Hybrid Events.

Even though we are now recovering from the pandemic and the restrictions for events have been lifted, the future for hybrid events is still very bright. Hybrid events have become quite common as they have proven quite successful over the past years. Not just that, but as the world progresses and develops, new technologies will be implemented into our day to day lives.

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