Tips for Staying Safe On A Night Out

2 min read Last updated: 27th December 2022

Before heading out on your night out it is important to take certain measures to make sure that you have both a safe and fun night out. Here are some helpful tips and information to help you stay safe on a night out! 

1. Follow Covid Guidance, Rules And Support. 

Our first top tip for you to help maintain your safety is following and keeping up with the government covid guidelines. As the Covid cases rise again due to the new Omicron variant, we must try to keep ourselves and others safe. Before you attend a venue, try your best to comply with the Covid guidelines they have put in place, as these are there to ensure your and everyone else attending’s safety. For instance, in line with new government guidelines, make sure you are wearing a mask, getting tested, and making sure you are self-isolating if need be. Try to stay within your friendship bubble and maintain a safe space distance from others. Not only that, but try to do your research, find out if the venue you are attending is appropriately ventilated or whether people attending the venue are getting tested or have had their vaccinations etc. Following this tip will help to keep you safe from catching this new variant and other illnesses.

2. Be Cautious About Your Drinks And Keep Them Safe.

Unfortunately, recently there has been a massive increase in drink spiking incidents, and thus we must be cautious when we are drinking to help stay safe. Make sure that you avoid leaving your drinks unattended. If you become suspicious about your drinks or the atmosphere you are in, simply get rid of that drink and report any suspicious activity. You can also buy covers for your drinks to keep them safe and prevent any spiking. These covers act as a barrier and make it difficult to slip any drugs into your drinks. There are also drug testing strips that you can easily buy online if you want to test your drink if you feel suspicious or unsafe at anytime. 

On our Vivus App, we have just released a new feature to help you stay safe. The feature allows you to view reported drink spiking cases. It also allows you to send an instant email and push notification to your emergency contacts. Our app is available to download on the App Store and it is coming soon to the google play store. 

3. Keep Your Valuables Hidden And Safe.

On a night out if you are perhaps too drunk or even alone you may become an easier target for theft. Try leaving your house or accommodation with only what you need and make sure that you avoid displaying valuable items. Place your phones and wallets securely in your bags and pockets and ensure that you keep checking that they are still with you to avoid misplacing, damaging or losing them. 

4. Stay in Well-Lit And Busy Areas.

On a night out, refrain from walking or going places where the lighting is poor and there isn’t any CCTV like dark alleyways and empty parks as you could encounter danger. Make sure you stick to areas where there are lots of people, good lighting and CCTV to help keep you stay safe. 

5. Stick With Friends.

The more the merrier. When going out it is wise to go out with a group of friends. So that you can help keep an eye out on each other and make sure that you are all safe.  

6. Consider Risks And Think Smart.

You may meet lots of new people, which is both good and bad. Use your judgment and make wise choices, trust your instincts and avoid making choices that could jeopardise your safety. Think about the risks if you decide to leave with people you have just met. Inform close friends if you choose to leave the venue to meet new people elsewhere or even at your own home. Make sure you avoid and stay far from those that make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

7. Be aware of your surroundings

When visiting new locations or walking/travelling back home after the night is over, stay cautious and safe by taking in your surroundings. For example, read reviews online before trying out a new club or avoid using headphones and getting distracted by your phone when you are walking back home.

Hopefully, by reading this blog post, you have learned and discovered some tips you can use and implement the next time you go out on a night out to help keep yourself and your friends safe.

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