Top 7 Clubs To Visit In London

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nightclubs in london

Looking for ideas for where to go for a memorable night out in London? Well, look no further because the search is over! As we know London is huge, with countless tourist attractions, thousands of clubs and pubs, and one of the finest nightlife scenes in the world. Continue reading to discover our top 5 clubs in London for you to visit!


Fabric is an extremely popular nightclub that showcases amazing underground DJ talent and phenomenal live acts and for that reason, it is essentially is every Londonerโ€™s favourite. The nightclub is situated in Farringdon. The club has also recently introduced a new no camera policy, encouraging everyone to live in the moment and truly enjoy the experience. The venue has large indoor spacing and truly the best dance floors thus making it the perfect spot for you to let loose and have a great time.ย 

2.๐Ÿ“The Clapham Grand

The Clapham Grand is a renowned nightclub, live music venue and theatre you are guaranteed to love. The historic venue was originally opened in 1900 as a music hall, where well-known performers of the time showcased and performed their talents. They host the finest parties, drag performances, movie evenings, Christmas shows, and bingo nights, among many other activities. Furthermore, the staff are extremely helpful catering to all your party and event needs to ensure you have a fantastic time. 

3.๐Ÿ“Egg London

Egg is the ultimate club for ragers and party lovers. A magnificent nightclub located in Kings Cross with both large indoor and outdoor facilities as well as a beautiful garden and terrace. They host a wide range of great events and live acts.ย 

4.๐Ÿ“Popworld London Watling Street

Popworld is a fun and cool late nightclub with fantastic staff and a great bar. The club is located in central London and is the perfect place to visit when you want to have a great time with friends and family. The club plays excellent music and has terrific packages and deals on the drinks.


Phonox is a new nightclub in Brixton. The club has a captivating sleek interior, fantastic lighting and great music. Phonox also has an incredibly amazing staff and a great range of DJs playing some incredible good sets. Overall make sure that everyone attending the club ends the night having a good time.ย ย 


XOYO is a unique two-room nightclub located in Shoreditch, London. The club hosts a wide range of regular exciting events, something for everyone to enjoy. The most important thing is that they play great music and have a great sound system. They club has a relaxed dress policy, meaning you can wear whatever you like and have a great time. The club overall has a great vibe with an incredible atmosphere.ย 


Printworks London is a nightclub and events venue located in Rotherhithe, South London. It opened in 2017 and over the years because of its unique look and brilliant service it has very quickly become quite a popular club. Printworks used to be the largest printing factory in Western Europe before it was transformed into a nightclub. Hence why many of the original apparatus and the fittings of the original printing rooms have been preserved to create and maintain the industrial atmosphere and theme.

7 Wonderful club suggestions just for you! Leave a comment if you have visited any of these clubs and let us know all about your experience at these clubs.

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