Introducing The Vivus app!

1 min read Last updated: 25th December 2022

We are excited to announce the latest introduction to our family of apps helping you create, find and share experiences. Vivus is available on iOS and pre-orders for Android. 

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We understand life is a collection of memories and you experience it in several forms but some of the remarkable ones happen during your night outs, festivals, concert or gigs and it doesn’t start or stop when you buy tickets or attend an event. There’s a lot more in between. That’s why we combined the two things you love the most, living in the moment and sharing stories. Vivus allows you to create and share stories (we call them moments) with friends. You can also see stories of people going to the same events as you, manage your night outs with messages and follow your interest. 


But it’s not all about stories! we’ve also fully integrated with existing platforms such as Vivus Create to help you find trending events, maps to show events nearby, sell your tickets and buy reseller tickets (you know, those ones you missed out on), filters to show your best sides, Bitmoji’s and you can still buy tickets to your favourite events.


Oh yeah! did we mention that we are there with you every step of the way, that includes getting the rides to the event? Vivus Uber ride integration means you can request rides directly from the app avoiding surge prices and manually searching for the event address. Don’t worry about unexpected prices, we show you the price, duration and estimated time before you confirm the ride request. 


How about that extra cash? You can earn that too! You can earn extra cash by promoting events for organisers like you always do, if you don’t know any, promote anyway! We pay our users for views on our app so keep creating moments and sharing live experiences.

This app is still in its experimental face with new features and updates rolling out each week, we are excited for you to try it out and see what moments you create. Share moments with us on Twitter (@vivushub) and Instagram (@VivusHub).


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