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We are Now Called Vivus.

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Happened a bit overnight but it’s official we are integrating all our products into one brand, Vivus. This transition is intended to help users discover what they want without the whole fuss of differentiating between different brands e.g Checkmate Concevoir, Vivus Explore, Create, Ads and all other related products with different names. 

What does that mean for you? Nothing major, still the same product and quality but with a new identity. Here are a few updates you may want to consider.

Our app, allowing users to create and share life experiences is now called Vivus. This change would be reflected on future updates but in the meantime, you can download the app using the old name and register your interest for android. Existing products such as Vivus create and Vivus ads still retain their identity and operate as usual.

Our new domain is now, don’t worry if you are still accessing our site using All request to this link remain active including our API’s but we suggest converting to the new domain before October 10, 2023, to avoid any disruption in the use of our service.  All current requests may be redirected to* when necessary.

Our name across all social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is now Vivus Hub. Feel free to follow us if you would like to get regular updates on product releases and new features. 

Current and future agreements, including EULA, privacy policy, payment policy and other legal agreements are now between you and Vivus hub ltd. 

Vivus Hub Stay in the loop, live in the moment. A new way to create and share live experiences.

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