RESCHEDULED DATE  -  SHADOWPLAY  The Definitive Joy Division Tribute event (RESCHEDULED DATE  -  SHADOWPLAY  The Definitive Joy Division Tribute at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, ) hosted on the Vivus Quest Platform. Tickets available on

RESCHEDULED DATE - SHADOWPLAY The Definitive Joy Division Tribute

by PublicVH

Ivory Blacks, Glasgow


Date and Time

2024-05-18 19:00:00


Ivory Blacks, Glasgow


About this event

B I O G R A P H Y:


SHADOW [verb] to follow closely PLAY [verb; Act] a dramatic performance, as on the stage
Regarded as the most authentic Joy Division simulation on the face of the planet - the instruments played are all in faithful reference to the original band’s equipment. The lead singer (born in the Manchester area) has a background in acting and has performed JD with Peter Hook himself, after he first commented ’scary how much you sound like him’.

“Feeling a bit lost for words . Shadowplay - the definitive Joy Division tribute, probably the best tribute to any band I've ever seen and so close to actually being the real thing. The raw energy the passion the subtleties the aggression it was all there. Great to see a pretty much sellout crowd in town and with a good number of traveling folk in attendance !"
"Lads you were off the scale last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Joy Division, and was like seeing them again"
" ....are you good, it was quite unsettling,, I was in heaven. Absolutely breathtaking. Can't wait to see you again."
“Storming. Best gig I’ve ever witnessed at my venue” Management
“Truly magical performance by Shadowplay. When Peter Hook choses your singer to be the singer of his own band ! You know its gonna be special. It's dark and it's mesmerising and it will transport you to another time. The performance left jaws on the floor and some fella in tears because he thought it was the real band.”

In 2019 Shadowplay’s lead singer joined Peter Hook for Joy Division Orchestrated, playing iconic venues such as Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House. Autumn 2022 saw a reprise of the shows with a triumphant performance at Manchester Apollo, followed by London Palladium.
Press:-“With his all-black garb, jerky movements and melancholy baritone, he made for an eerily fitting Ian Curtis”“…brings a fine approximation of both Curtis’s dolorous baritone and demeanor”“actor and musician…a very spooky Ian Curtis alike, and renowned musician and actor in his own right”“…the almost eerie arrival of the lead singer to stage, cutting as he does an incredible likeness to Curtis, in both his voice and performance style.”
Control, 24 Hour Party People, and the stage play - New Dawn Fades, dramatic portrayals featuring Joy Division - seen them all. Now, enter Shadowplay - The Definitive Joy Division Tribute, an uncannily accurate live emulation of the real thing.


Ivory Blacks, Glasgow