How do I resell my tickets?

Currently, the only way to resell your ticket is via our iOS app. To resell your ticket.

  • Launch the Vivus app.
  • On the main explore page, search for your event.
    • If your event exists: Click on it to go to the event details and then click on resell button.
    • If your event doesn’t exist: Click on “enter manually” to fill out the details yourself.
  • Enter the name of the ticket, upload the media (i.e ticket image) and enter the price of the ticket.
  • (Optional) Password protect your ticket if you want to resell your ticket privately.
  • Click on “finish”.

To view your listing:

  • Go back to the explore page and click the book icon on the top right.
  • Swipe left to share your listing. Only your ticket will be visible to buyers using your link.

Please ensure you already have your payment details set up to ensure you get paid. If you don’t know how please visit “How do I set up payments?“.

Find out how to edit your listing here.

Image guide:

Enter event details

How do I resell my tickets? Vivus Hub
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