How to check in attendees?

The best way to check in attendees is by using our Quest Creator app.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the Vivus Create Quest Creator app, log in.
  • Search and select the event you would like to check-in attendees by swiping on the event name.
  • Click the check-in action button.
  • Please wait a few moments while tickets are loaded from our servers.
  • Once attendees present their tickets hold the in-app camera against their ticket, once held up, the square box either goes green for valid tickets or red for invalid tickets.
  • We understand sometimes you organisers may have low lighting so you can custom check-in attendees by clicking the “Customers” button at the top right and search for the attendee username, name or email address. Once found, click “check-in” or “reject” to either validate or reject a ticket.
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