Top tips for buying concert tickets stress free

2 min read Last updated: 9th December 2022

Concert tickets seem to be increasingly difficult to get hold of, and the experience can be pretty stress-inducing and frustrating. However, with some planning, which our tips can help inform, you can ensure yourself with the best possible chance of that show that you are dying to go to. The internet has changed the face of how concert tickets are being sold, making them more accessible and easier to buy but also adding a new dimension of stress and making those concert tickets seem like gold dust.

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Be prepared

If you’ve heard rumours that your favourite band or singer is about to go on tour and you want to see them, use this time to prepare. You can sign up for their mailing list and follow them on their social media. This is to make sure you are always informed and don’t miss out on the concert tickets. You can also join the mailing list of your local venue as they often send out ticket alerts and presales.

Another good idea would be to register with ticket agencies, particularly the ones that you know the event will be sold on. This can mean you have access to pre-sales and you will have all your details already saved with the agency. The last thing you want to worry about when trying to secure your tickets is making sure you have the correct address down.

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Look at the seating plan

It will save you a lot of time on the day of the ticket release if you already have some idea of where you would like to sit. It would help if you looked at the seating plan in combination with the prices to make some decisions about what you would or wouldn’t accept. This means when the time comes you won’t be worrying about whether you are getting your money’s worth or not. You should also keep the seating open in another browser or somewhere that is accessible so that you can quickly check what you’ve been offered.

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On the day the concert tickets go on sale

The countdown can be nerve-racking as you watch the final few minutes go by. But there are a few ways you can make it less stressful. You should log into all your ticket accounts before the sale time. You would want to be ready the minute they go up rather than struggling with logging in when the time comes. Make sure that you follow ticket agencies on Twitter as they will often tweet when concert tickets are available and when subsequent tickets are released or more dates are announced.

As the time draws closer, just keep hitting refresh until the tickets appear. If the page says sold out keep hitting refresh because often, tickets can randomly appear as payments fail or people change their minds so don’t immediately give up.

If you aren’t finding tickets at your chosen venue, try looking further afield. These concert tickets might not be sold out and are easier to get hold of. This can give you a fun city break and a whole new concert experience.

The most important thing is to not panic when you don’t get the concert tickets you were desperate to get. Don’t pay extortionate prices or turn to dodgy websites that sell you dreams. Check out our blog on how to avoid ticket fraud.

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Couldn’t get hold of the concert ticket? What next?

If you didn’t get the concert tickets in the first sale, not all hope is lost, don’t worry.

You can keep checking with ticket agencies as more concert tickets become available in the run-up to a show. You can also turn to trusted ticket reselling platforms such as Vivus Hub, Ticketmaster, Gigs and Tours and AXS. Have a look round and see what’s on offer and you can decide what the best option for you is!

Hopefully, these tips have helped inform you and your next concert ticket purchasing experience goes smoothly!

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