Vivus Hub Stay in the loop, live in the moment. A new way to create and share live experiences.

Vivus Hub – Media Kit

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Introducing Vivus


Vivus hub originally established in 2016 is a family of apps designed to help manage events, sponsors and share experiences. Since establishment, the platform has spawned off into several other ventures including Vivus create, Vivus ads, 

Vivus creates: helps you manage events, provides events analytics, sell tickets, check-in attendees and manage sponsors at no cost.

Vivus ads: allows you to reach the right audience via local and international events at a fraction of the cost. It offers you the chance to find organisers based on their attendee’s behavioural pattern and provides insight into each campaign.

Vivus: From the latest concert, shows, gigs, club night, if it’s popular you’ll find it here first. gives you a curated list of trending event and the chance to share your event stories with friends, see stories of the people going to the same event as you and a few additional features such as messaging and top tier filters to show your best side.


Seun Oboite represents an emerging crop of young Black entrepreneurs that are combining talent, education and a fearlessness about entering the business world. Even though the 21-year-old has yet to finish studying or gain long-term experience in the jobs market, he has already created his own company and is beginning to employ staff. Checkmate Concevoir, the events platform, only launched in November 2016 but already Seun is carving out a name for himself in Manchester and Guildford as the go-to man for digital events services. Read more…


  • Young Enterprise Innovation award 2016/17.
  • YE, Company most likely to succeed 2016/17.
  • Young Enterprise growth in business understanding award 2016/17.
  • Venture Further Finalist, University of Manchester 2018/19.
Vivus Hub Stay in the loop, live in the moment. A new way to create and share live experiences.

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